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Hypnotherapy and the Menopause

“Although menopause is a natural process, some women struggle enormously to deal with problems such as hot flushes, night sweats and lack of sleep - and this has detrimental knock-on effects: on mood, on work and on family. Many women think the only option for them is to go on to HRT but they are unhappy or wary about doing so because of the negative health implications. Hypnotherapy offers a safe, simple and effective alternative.”
Rosemary Reeves

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a relaxing, yet powerful treatment, which can help control unwanted feelings, worries or habits. It is very effective in reducing overall stress and alleviating symptoms.

The treatment involves a state of guided relaxation and focused action. During a session, you are helped to relax in such a way that your unconscious mind becomes open to accepting positive suggestions of change, enabling you to achieve your goals easily and naturally.

Hypnotherapy is often successful when other methods of treatment have failed because it harnesses the power of the unconscious mind. It is a safe and effective form of therapy that can be used to treat stress, anxiety and panic attacks; phobias; irritable bowel syndrome; weight issues and addictions, such as smoking. Hypnotherapy is also useful for pain control and can help with migraine and “women's issues” (for example, perimenopause/ menopause, period problems, etc.).

Hypnotherapy is completely safe in the hands of a professional and competent hypnotherapist. At all times you are in control of your own thoughts and actions. Unlike some drug-based treatments, there are no harmful side effects.

How does it work?

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective treatment which helps you to control unwanted feelings, worries or habits.

Our Master Hypnotherapists will help you to achieve the right state of mind in which your unconscious mind is most likely to respond; encourage you to have a different understanding of the problem; and create those changes that are right for you.

You can expect to feel extremely safe and at ease with your hypnotherapist. You could never be made to do something against your will - the unconscious mind automatically rejects suggestions that you aren’t comfortable with or that cross moral or cultural boundaries. When you are given a suggestion that is emotionally and morally compatible with your needs, you accept it easily.

It is impossible to be trapped in a trance. If circumstances were to interfere with the normal termination of trance, return to full conscious awareness would happen quite naturally and safely, with no ill effects - a bit like coming back from a daydream.

How can Hypnotherapy help with Menopause?

At Cheshire Natural Health, Hypnotherapy is often combined with Counselling and Psychotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to treat the whole range of menopausal symptoms.

The therapist will discuss your specific needs in an initial consultation, to gather important information and formulate an individual treatment plan for you.

During your session you will also have the opportunity to discuss other areas of life that may be giving you some concern. For example, this is often a time that women are coping with the care of ageing parents or having to deal with “empty nest” syndrome.

Counselling and Psychotherapy are talking therapies that can help you make sense of difficult emotional experiences in your life. By sharing and expressing deep thoughts and feelings, a sense of well being and inner peace is achieved.

Counselling can also help to identify limiting behaviours and actions and help you explore ways of making changes in your life. Counselling and Psychotherapy can help with grief, loss, fears, phobias, depression, anger, relationship issues, stress, anxiety, self esteem, confidence, sexuality issues, post traumatic shock and abuse.

EFT is a tremendously simple, yet effective mind/body balancing technique that uses words and acupressure to balance and clear emotional disturbances and issues, quickly and permanently.

The hypnotherapy session itself is a very pleasant, relaxing experience in which your body and mind are relaxed and at peace. The therapist's voice guides you and helps you to use the power of your own mind to make the changes that you want, effortlessly.

Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, EFT and NLP work extremely well in conjunction with other treatments such as Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Reflexology or Acupuncture.

How long does the treatment last?

The first session involves taking a detailed history and identifying and discussing the symptoms that are particularly problematic. This usually takes around an hour and a half.

Subsequent sessions tend to be of around an hour’s duration, with a course of 4 to 6 sessions recommended.
Katherine Leather

Katherine provides Hypnotherapy, EFT, CBT and NLP therapies in an integrated approach to offer clients a tailored service suitable to their individual needs. She offers a personal and relaxing environment where clients can have time-out from their lives to invest in themselves.

Katherine helps clients to find solutions to a wide range of life challenges and psychological issues such as stopping smoking, weight loss, stress management, fertility issues and many more. Blending conventional and alternative approaches, a variety of techniques are used to incorporate what will be most helpful for each client. A personable approach helps client's build on their strengths in order to identify and achieve their life goals

Katherine is qualified in Hypno-Psycotherapy and works at practitioner level of EFT and NLP and CBT. A multitude of different styles of therapies are offered to ensure that our clients receive the very best support suitable to their unique requirements.

Working in a holistic and solutions-focused way, Katherine's treatment approach focuses on a complete support programme to help resolve your issues and long-standing behaviors. Katherine is committed to helping clients find solutions to a wide range of life challenges and psychological issues.

Katherine is a Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (DIHP, Adv. IHPC).

Jason Howdon


Jason trained to provide hypnotherapy and NLP after discovering how powerful it was in helping him cope with a stressful life in business. With extensive experiencing helping people overcome a wide range of problems from weight loss and stop smoking through to chronic anxiety and depression.

One of a limited number of Anxiety UK approved clinical hypnotherapists, Jason uses the very latest dynamic hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to help his clients make the changes they want within a wonderfully relaxing and supportive environment.

"For many years, hypnosis has been misunderstood and underestimated but research is starting to show what therapists have known for a long time" - that our sub-conscious mind holds the key to so many of our behaviours, feelings and functions. We are capable of so much more than we often realise and it is incredibly rewarding helping clients to realise their ambitions and desires for life.

Jason is a Member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and regulated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. He is also an Anxiety UK approved Clinical Hypnotherapist.
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